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368,15 KM 2.726M

Alpe Adria cycling tour is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most diverse and scenic cycling tours fit for the average cyclist. Although you find yourself between the Alps and the Adriatic – the ride is far easier than it seems. A week of relaxed cycling for the cycling enthusiast or a decent active week’s holiday for the whole family. Understandably, there’s no surprise the demand for this particular tour has steadily increased.

The original tour runs across two countries, Austria and Italy, starting in Salzburg and ending in Grado, a coastal city not too far away from Venice. However, we think it’s a shame the original itinerary completely overlooks probably the most astounding section in the area – the Soča valley, whose name comes from Soča River, the queen of European mountain rivers.

What it takes to enrich the tour with Soča is to make a detour in Udine going west before reaching the Slovenian city of Kobarid. Over the next three days you’ll slowly ride south towards the Adriatic Sea, enjoying the changing environment and atmosphere. Accompanied by the Soča River you’ll slowly leave the Alps behind as you meet the charming region that sits between you and the sea – Slovenian Karst, an unspoilt Tuscany type of the land. But even before that, you’ll take a break in the wine growing region of Goriška brda, split between Italy and Slovenia. An abundance of wonderful views, great food and good wine, before you finally head towards the Adriatic coast.



DAY 01

Tarvisio - Venzone

DistanceDistance: 64,2 km
DistanceElevation: 320 m

We start the tour in Tarvisio, an Italian city close to the border of the two neighbouring countries, Slovenia and Austria. Visiting either or both of these countries a day before the tour starts is also an option.

The first part of stage 1 between Tarvisio and Venzone provides the luxury of riding on the dedicated cycling path all the way to the city of Dogna. In the second part once you leave Dogna a little more attention is needed as you’ll share sections with regular traffic.

The journey between Tarvisio and Venzone is the longest section of the entire tour. We’ll exceed 60 kilometres, with some additional help of the terrain as we constantly lose altitude throughout the day, until we reach Venzone. This is a city with medieval charm and a host of historic monuments, including medieval walls and the Chapel of San Michelle featuring a set of mummies.

We wrap up the day – as we always do on our tours with a good dinner.

DAY 02

Venzone - Udine

DistanceDistance: 55,5 km
DistanceElevation: 120 m

During the second day we stay on saddle in Italy. The mountains are left behind, but just for a while as the day after we plan to give them another try on the Slovenian side of the border. This is still a relaxing day. By cycling further away from the mountains, as you gently lose altitude it allows you to focus more on your surroundings – rather than putting all of your energy into overcoming the distance and cycling uphill.

Udine is the capital city of Friuli, a sub-region of the Italian region of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia.

DAY 03

Udine - Kobarid

DistanceDistance: 51,5 km
DistanceElevation: 230 m

The third and final day of the tour would take us to the city of Grado on the Adriatic Sea, if we were to follow the original Alpe Adria track. We’ll skip this as we don’t want to miss out on what can be seen and experienced by turning west and heading towards the Soča valley in Slovenia. Any internet search for the most beautiful river in Europe will certainly reveal a variety of contenders but one thing is clear: Soča is always a strong candidate.

Between Udine and Kobarid we ride through the city of Cividale, and then across the border between Italy and Slovenia.

Kobarid is famous for its museum devoted to the Soča Front of the First World War – which became one of the most dramatic battlefields taking the lives of more than 1 million soldiers. Definitely well worth a visit!

DAY 04

Kobarid - Šmartno (Goriška Brda)

DistanceDistance: 50,95 km
DistanceElevation: 610 m

Making a detour a day before didn’t just give us a chance to cycle along the Soča River today, but also to reach Goriška Brda, the land of rolling hills, vineyards and not forgetting what they turn into – good wine. Cycling a little more challenging as we rack up around 600 m of elevation throughout the day.

For the first part of the ride we enjoy the valley, the turquoise river and the surrounding mountains. Soča valley is pure paradise for those who simply love active holidays. Rafting, kayaking, mountain biking and paragliding. If you’ve still got some energy left after your riding day and you were fast enough to reach Kobarid you might even be able to do some sports yourself.

Goriška Brda has been voted as one of the 10 most elite travel destinations for wine lovers. Here’s why: »No, not Transylvania. Not Slovakia. Slovenia! Yes, this tiny nation tucked between Italy and Croatia (and Austria and Hungary) is actually home to one of Europe’s most exciting up-and-coming wine scenes. The biggest hotspot happens to be the region of Goriska Brda near the Italian border, where they’re famous for a white wine called Rebula…«

And, yes – here we’ll make a stop and stay overnight!

DAY 05

Šmartno - Komen

DistanceDistance: 54,1 km
DistanceElevation: 530 m

It’s not over yet. Regardless of which part of the Mediterranean and Europe you take to get from the mountains to the sea, you typically encounter the land of green vineyards and fruit plantations in-between. The same in Slovenia. The same in Goriška Brda and the same in the region that follows when you head to the Adriatic Sea – Slovenian Karst.

Karst is Slovenian Tuscany. It’s perhaps best described by a CNN reporter who spent time in this charming area: »As I sat in the shaded stone courtyard taking in the soft breeze and lazily scraping up the last bits of lunch from my plate, it occurred to me that this must have been what Tuscany was like before the Hollywood movies, the cookbooks and the hordes of tourists: Tuscany when it was still under-the-radar and affordable«.

Enough said! We’ll make a stop in Komen, the lovely town on Karst, enjoy a nice dinner and stay overnight.

DAY 06

Komen - Trieste (alternatively Rodik)

DistanceDistance: 44,3 km
DistanceElevation: 510 m

As we ride on our 5th day, we continue to enjoy the appealing charm of Karst. Winding roads through lovely villages, among  green vineyard hills provide us with a couple of options. Either just pop into a local restaurant and farmhouse and have a quick taste of Karst ham or perhaps a glass of local wine called Teran, or actually make a spontaneous stop and fully seize the day.

We finish our day in Trieste, Italian seaside city.

DAY 07


DistanceDistance: 47,6 km
DistanceElevation: 406 m

After a refreshing breakfast in Trieste we take a gentle ride towards Piran, the most charming coastal city in Slovenia. We’ll arrive early enough to have a well-deserved drink at the Giuseppe Tartini piazza, with a view of the Adriatic Sea, before we bid farewell until the next time.

Piran, on other hand, is an extremely handy starting point for another cycling tour called Parenzana that we offer for two different types of rider: Easy Parenzana and Prolonged Parenzana. If you’d like to extend your 6 days Alpe Adria experience for a few more days this is a great option. Easy and relaxed cycling leading you across Croatian Istria and then taking you to the Croatian coastal resort of Poreč, easily accessible from Piran.


Our adventure starts in Tarvisio and ends in Piran which is located on the Slovenian coast close to Trieste port.


Tarvisio is surrounded with 4 international airports in maximum two and a half hour distance (Ljubljana, Venice, Trieste, Klagenfurt). We can arrange airport shuttles from all 4 airports.


From Austria (Klagenfurt airport)  you head Villach and then further toward border with Italy near Tarvisio.

From Italy (Venice airport) follow the signs for Trieste and later to Udine. When approaching Udine start following signs for Tarvisio.

From Ljubljana you take the highway towards Jesenice and from there you follow the signs for Kranjska Gora and then further for Tarvisio.


  • The minimum number of people required to run the trip at listed price is 6.
  • In a single group there’ll be a maximum of 10 people. There can be more than 1 group.
  • Every evening there’ll be a briefing session organized where the guide(s) will present the next day tour profile (altitude profile, length, difficulty).
  • The program is also suitable for e-bikers.
  • Meeting instructions and final trip arrangements will be sent to you two weeks prior to your tour start date.


We can organize bike rental. The price for a bike is from 25 EUR/day.


  • 20 - 27 May Experience level: CLASSIC
  • 16 - 23 September Experience level:
  • Accommodation in a 3 or 4 star hotels/pensions
  • Continental meal with a local/typical touch
  • Fully qualified and experienced mountain bike guide for the duration of your trip
  • All group safety equipment
  • Baggage transfer between stages
  • Transfer from route ending point to route starting point
  • Accommodation in a 3 or 4 star hotels/pensions
  • Continental meal with a local/typical touch
  • Baggage transfer between stages
  • Transfer from route ending point to route starting point

If you can’t find something that suits your needs, please contact us and we’ll do our best to provide you with a tailor-made offer.

E-mail: info@bike-goodplace.com

Price for ALPE ADRIA – ENRICHED TOUR includes

  • 6 breakfasts and 6 dinners
  • 6 night accommodations in double bed room

Price for ALPE ADRIA – ENRICHED TOUR excludes

  • Travel and activity insurance
  • Lunches
  • Personal safety and cycling equipment
  • Bike rental
  • Alcoholic/ non-alcoholic beverages
  • Supplement for single bed room
  • GPS track
  • Transfer to the airport
  • Any other items not mentioned as included


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